Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sanyo Eneloop Bike - Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle

Sanyo's eneloop bike
Green technology is everywhere at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010. One of them that attract me is the Sanyo's 'eneloop bike' which win the best of innovations in the eco design and sustainable technology category. The bike has been designed to be the industry's first to conform to the newest standards, offering a "Power-up Mode" assist ratio of up to 1:2 making riding the bicycle more comfortable, a new "loop charge function" that generates electricity and charges the battery while in use, and a two-wheel drive system provides a safer, more stable ride. The eneloop bike is available in the U.S. through independent bicycle dealers and specialty retailers, with a suggested retail price starting at $2,299.95. Check out video below.

Source : Business Wire

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