Monday, January 11, 2010

Hydrofill - Personal Hydrogen Station


Another interesting gadget at the Consumer Electronics Show(CES) for this year. Hydrofill MiniPak Gadget Charger allows you to charge your electronics via USB using fuel cell technology and it was developed by Singapore company called Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. This innovative gadget charger extracts the hydrogen from water and stores it in special cartridges, which are then placed inside the Hydrofill MiniPak. I hope it's not too expensive. According to the company:

The HYDROFILL is the first step towards private refueling of new generations of fuel cell electric vehicles. Fuel cell technology can greatly improve the features and usability of many battery or engine-powered devices, and create the possibility for lower cost electric cars that drive longer distances and recharge instantly.

Source : DesignBoom

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