Monday, November 16, 2009

Renault Zoe ZE Concept - Spa In A Car?

Renault has joined forces with cosmetics maker Biotherm to create the Zoe Z.E. electric car concept. The car is sporting a climate control system that is similar to a spa. The Zoe ZE concept is the first to offer a glimpse to what future in-car comfort technologies would be like. According to Renault, the Zoe's climate control system is worthy of installation in one of Paris finest spas. Air conditioning can really dry out skin, which is why Biotherm redesigned the Zoe's AC to focus on keeping air cool and hydrated. If you get stuck behind a bus belching diesel fumes, the on-board toxicity sensor closes the car's air vents before free radicals destroy your healthy complexion. The vehicle's roof doesn't just serve to protect the passengers from the heat and cold, it also optimizes climate control performance by recovering energy via its honeycomb photovoltaic cells.

Source : AutoBlogGreen

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