Thursday, November 12, 2009

LeapFish - The "Living Web"

"Living Web" is what Leapfish call their new multimedia and real-time search, communication, and sharing platform that gives consumers a very convenient, fun, and personalized way to experience the traditional and real-time Web. For me, it is one of the fastest search engine which empowers consumers with the ability to manage the two things they do most often online - "search" and "share". This is all I can say right now. If you don't believe me, you can try by yourself. Not only fast, the LeapFish search engine allow you to easily see different search engine results pages from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Makes it very easy to compare results. I have try their search engine and it's really offer me as a consumers an advanced customizable personal homepage, a real-time search engine, more multi-media results from the entire Web and the ability to share any piece of content found online. As you can see in the picture below, I type a keyword "Tech Planet" for web search, and that is the result I've received from their engine. My blog is number 4 from the keyword "Tech Planet". Nice one! hehe.

According to LeapFish, "the inspiration behind their search engine has been the opportunity to provide an answer to the information overload and the fragmentation of accessibility that is naturally occurring online today. If relevancy, the currently defined search formula, continues to be limited by the virtual real estate allotted by page 1 of the major search engines, then the variety and accessibility of the breadth of the web is being lost in the information overload. LeapFish works to capture this variety in a new multidimensional, and now instantaneous, click-free search interface."

Features :

Real-Time Search Engine: A fresh multi-media real-time search engine capturing results from all containers of real-time content (e.g., Twitter, Youtube, Twitpic, Flickr).

Searching and Sharing: Easy and convenient sharing features empowering users to merge traditional content into the social and real-time Web as they search and find content anywhere online (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Digg).

Variety of the Web: Delivering rich multi-media content from the deep and wide new Web via integration of leading authorities in website aggregation, videos, images, news, blogs, tweets and much more on every search query (e.g., Youtube, CNN, Twitter).

Personal Internet Dashboard: Technically advanced customizable personal homepage allowing consumers to build their own dashboard to the Internet by adding multiple news feeds, blogs, applications, tools and more (e.g., Facebook Application, Twitter Application, Mashable Feed)

At the moment, it looks like it's pulling all its results from Twitter only. I hope that they will include the aggregation of other social tools and I'm sure they are working on this too. Overall LeapFish.com is not that bad if we give them a chance to "show off". Anyway, for your info, LeapFish is conducting private demos prior to the highly anticipated launch, if interested please email demo@leapfish.com. Give them a try and tell me what you think about it.


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