Friday, August 14, 2009

Rescue Stick - A Hand-Tossed Rescue Device

The Rescue Stick is basically a hand-tossed rescue device inside which resides a life preserver that is automatically deployed as soon as it hits the water. It is actually a baton shaped container which is tied together by specially designed strings which dissolve upon entering the water to automatically release a horseshoe shaped life float. The Rescue Stick measure in at 270×65x70-mm and weighs only 0.9-lb. As soon as it enters the water a chemical reaction is initiated. The rate of inflation is fast, reaching about 10L in 3-4 seconds. According to the designers, there are other materials like sodium azide, which can achieve faster inflation rates of 0.05 seconds, but at a much higher cost. I think this is a cool concept and a good solutions for natural disasters. It would be interesting to see developments made on this idea.

Source : Yanko

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