Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Parents Connect Widget!

Having a child in your life is a very special gift, but one that requires an enormous amount of work. And if that child comes with special needs, well then the path is more difficult and more glorious all at the same time. Parenting any child requires a delicate balance of love, support, discipline and patience, and for those parents who are putting their all into it, there is always the worry, Am I doing this right? It is a normal part of the parenting process.

Parents who overindulge certainly do not set out with the intention of raising entitled children; they are probably unaware that they are doing it. It is a struggle in our current culture to say no, to deny, to push, or to discipline. Some parents fear that if they parent incorrectly they could psychologically damage their children, causing depression, drug abuse, broken relationships, and failure to succeed. Some may worry that if they discipline, their children will hate them. Others enjoy their kids so much they would rather just be friends, and there are those who parent out of guilt for reasons such as divorce or loss.

The introduction of the Internet has allowed material into homes that the parents and children of just ten years ago did not have to contend with. Recently, I found a site called ParentsConnect.com that shares tips to parents. It provide parents with daily tips, recipes, activities, product recommendations and expert (but nonjudgmental!) parenting info, baby names and their meanings, and much more. The best part is right now, they have a contest for US bloggers parents. All you have to do is place the ParentsConnect widget on your blog or you social networking(such as Facebook, Myspace and etc.) profile and you have the opportunity to win $1000 if your widget gets the most views.


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