Saturday, March 14, 2009

SnowCorn - The Flexible Device Featuring A Camera, A Projector And Wi-Fi

You have to check out this innovative device concept that you can wear around your hand like a bracelet and it was designed by Mac Funamizu. The flexible device featuring a camera, a projector and Wi-Fi can be placed anywhere on your clothes and even around your chest or neck. According to the designer, right now, this unique device can scan a business card to add the person's name and other information to your address book through Wi-Fi, translate a word/phrase you're not familiar with in a book and look for a way to get to a station on a train map. I think this is a unique invention in the field of gadgets. Keep up the good work Mac Funamizu!

Yanko Design

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DrBurst said...

That is really cool, it could allow for augmented reality to be implemented without looking... like... a dork with dark glasses inside.