Thursday, March 12, 2009

New iPOD Shuffle For $79 Only

Apple has just launched new mini iPOD shuffle for $79 only. It's a third generation iPOD shuffle that is without any buttons on its body. Strange, but this is true. The new shuffle hits you with 4GB of storage space, which equates to about a 1,000 song capacity, and is half the size of the previous generation iPod shuffle, which in and of itself was pretty freaking small. Check out video below.

Source : Mohan's Blog


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vrtulobjeq said...

Apparently the new shuffle tells you when your battery is running low, but I wonder if one can have this feature by itself, that is, without the naming of the tracks.

Or if not, is there some other way to check your battery usage ?

Latest Technology News said...

The downside about this new iPod shuffle is that its too plain, and needs a third-party adapter if you'll going to use another headphones, that means $79 + $20-$30 so it cause you a $100 or more, so why not consider the nano?

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