Monday, December 1, 2008

Police Gear

Policemen or Law enforcers are employed agents that enforce the law and social order through the use of legitimized forces. In certain jurisdictions, police officers are allowed to carry firearms. They have non-lethal equipments that are primarily used for controlling riots. These equipments would include batons, rubber bullets as well as electro-shock weaponry. The usage of guns is basically the last resort. Officers also carry with them handcuffs in order to restrain their suspects. Handcuffs have also become varied. These days, cops have a variety of handcuffs. Although there are still stainless and metal cuffs, a special plastic or nylon type of restraints have become a more common variation.

In modern countries, the government has a large budget for their police force. They make use of radio communications that are installed in cars. There are also computers that are installed in the police cars.

Police gear is fundamental to daily police life. Without this equipment, our streets would be a more dangerous place. The gear that can be found in many outlets can be of a high quality and includes belt equipment such as pouches, holders and belts as well as police apparel including trousers, shirts, base layers, outer layers and boots. There are many other necessary pieces of kit such as ASP batons, police torches and handcuffs and keys.

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