Monday, December 1, 2008

Digital Photo Recovery

The progress in the field of data storage has gone amazingly far in just a decade. Younger users these days have no idea what a floppy disk looks like and how to use it. Neither do they know how unreliable these little plastic squares were and how often they failed in the most inappropriate moments - after spending a couple of minutes lying on a speaker, after a long subway ride or any encounter with a strong magnetic field. This was the time when we worried more about getting our information from A to B than speed, capacity and ease of use.

Today, the abundance of high-speed and spacious portable media of all kinds - and, first and foremost, flash cards - in an average household increases the chances of data loss by a weighty factor. These troubles most often happen to flash cards that are actively used, mostly the ones in digital cameras.

The data on these cards are often deleted and rewritten; the cards themselves can be pulled out while the camera is still on and can be used with various card readers on various computers. All these factors increase the odds of damaging your photos and videos - seemingly beyond recovery. However, the great thing about today's file systems is that files are never physically deleted (but only marked as deleted) and there is always a good chance to get your photos back quickly with the help of specialized photo recovery tools, given that no new files have been written into the same area of your memory card.

If you face data loss problems from time to time or just want to be protected from such accidents in the future, you should check out one of such tools - for instance, at PickyFiles.com.

This compact application is so simple and easy to use that even a child or a complete rookie can restore lost photos from any media in seconds. Now you won't have to look for a specialized data recovery service when you are on a tropical island (given that the odds of finding such a service in a remote location are close to nil) and face a data corruption problem. Just use your laptop or a computer in your hotel's lobby to quickly and painlessly recover what you thought was lost. This handy application is always with you and will help you restore photos with a minimum of efforts and expenses, so it's wise to have it with you whenever you go on a flash drive or a CD. The software meticulously analyzes the structure of your memory card and detects segments that have been marked as deleted or corrupted. Once the analysis process is complete, the application attempts to recover as much as it can - and succeeds in the majority of cases. There is hardly an easier way to recover lost files, restore deleted photos and fix flash cards! As mentioned before, the software makes no distinction between the types of media you are working with - it works with portable hard drives, USB drives, flash memory cards of all formats and sizes with equal efficiency.

If looking for an ultimate remedy for the problem of recovering deleted photos and files from portable media - and specifically camera memory cards - make sure to check out PickyFiles.com. It has everything you need to face this problem with a relaxed grin!

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