Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Peugeot 888 - Shape-Shifting Car?

This Peugeot 888 created by designer Oskar Johansen from Norway. The car has room for two and all of your luggage, but the best part is that it can shape-shift. The Peugeot 888 is able to transition between two modes: suburban mode and city mode. While in the city, the vehicle is lifted by a hydraulic tilting system which in turn decreases the length of its wheel axis. The car therefore becomes slightly taller, giving it improved visibility, and making it more maneuverable. As the vehicle leaves the city, the vehicle returns to its lower profile, giving it the speed and stability required for highway driving. The 888 is fully electric and features an independent electric motor on each wheel. Lithium-ion batteries supply each motor with energy, and the car also generates its own power via the photovoltaic cells covering its trunk.

Source : Inhabitat

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