Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mitsubishi Laservue

Mitsubishi recently announced that the world's first Laser TV which is called LaserVue, a 65-inch model and is now available at select retail stores for $6,999. The LaserVue is a laser-based HDTV. Instead of using LCDs or plasma, it uses an array of red, green, and blue lasers to project its image onto the screen. According to Mitsubishi, it delivers a color gamut over 200% NTSC standard, and consumes less than 200 watts (significantly less than LCD and plasma screens). The company even claims that it can run indefinitely, without the light source "burning out" or otherwise dimming (a problem faced by all LCD and plasma screens and projectors). The Mistubishi LaserVue is also deemed to provide two times the color of many of today’s HDTVs and some more it uses exponentially less energy than the plasma and LCD TVs. It consumes only about one third of the power of today’s LCD TVs and one forth of plasma TVs. It’s definitely a green product that we need these days as the whole world is going “green”, and the most important is it lets us enjoy the high-def TV with extraordinary clearness and colors which you don’t find on plasmas and LCDs.

Source : PR Newswire

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