Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shadow Caddy - The Most Exciting Breakthrough In Golfing Technology

When playing golf, it is quite difficult to carry a bag with the different clubs even with the company of a caddy. This is because the bag weighs a lot and of course, be it 18 or 36 holes, is a long walk. Shadow Caddy is the first robotic golf caddy that follows the player anywhere around the golf course. The caddy has a button right at the front that has two settings: “Follow-Me”, and “Park”. In “Follow Me” mode it does just that - following you unobtrusively around the golf course. When you press the button again it simply stops – in “Park” mode – and waits for you to return. There’s no need for remote controls or joysticks. It works using only a small sensor worn by the player. The Shadow Caddy always moves just a few feet behind the golfer. It can carry the clubs and other materials that the player need. Interesting stuff for golfer out there.

Source : ShadowCaddy

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