Monday, June 2, 2008

The Chess - Concept Car

The Chess is a cell-car concept where passengers are put in a cell above a platform containing the engine and wheels. It is a concept car by designers Frans Hegge and Thijs van der Zanden. The cell can move over the platform in any direction. If a sensor, placed in the platform, detects a possible crash, the passenger-cell is moved away from the expected impact area. The idea is that driving it will ensure more passenger and driver safer, the cabin resting on top of a platform that can move it around in the unfortunate event of a crash, can keep passengers out of the deformation zone. Nice idea for our safety.

Source : MichelinChallengeDesign

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Orangeinks said...

This is a cool concept. I was just wondering though, what if a car is directly behind The chess and the sensor detects a possible crash? It's just a thought though... but this is really a neat ride. :) Thank you for this.