Friday, June 6, 2008

My Dockers Mobile Pants

You may be a gadget freak at heart, but there's no need to look like one. I got a pair of the Dockers mobile pants last year. Yeah, they were a little expensive but from a styling point of view, hey, they're Dockers. The pants feel and seem the same as any other standard Dockers Pants. However, instead of a button like most Dockers, there is a hook and eye closure. This type of closure is to prevent wear on the waist from heavy objects in the pockets. The Mobile Pants come with the standard two rear pockets and two front pockets. Of course, the most important features of this Mobile Pant are the hidden pockets. They turn what is essentially a standard pair of Dockers Khakis into the Dockers Mobile Pant. There are two such pockets - one below the right side pocket and one behind the left side pocket. These pockets are specifically designed for a PDA, cell phone, Stowaway Keyboard, or anything else you can think of. The pocket size is roughly 4.5 wide and 5 tall. The pocket zips shut and seamlessly blends in with the seam of the pants. Gadget-enabled clothing may look silly today, but many of these ideas will eventually appear in everyday wear. One piece of advice: make sure you unload your cache before passing through airport metal detectors, or you'll be outed as a geek faster than you can.

Enough about my favorite pants. Hey, do you have a favorite pair of pants, too? Did you know about the Dockers contest? You can create your own stories about your favorite pants and submit the stories as videos to the Dockers TV Commercial Contest. As long as you send your video and you will garner lots of votes, then there's a big chance that you will be picked as the overall winner! You get a chance to win fabulous price! Don't pass up this Dockers contest!! You don't have to pay anything to enter.

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