Saturday, June 7, 2008

Anti-Virus Software

Antivirus software are computer programs that attempt to identify, neutralize or eliminate malicious software. Most modern antivirus software is now designed to combat a wide range of threats, including worms, phishing attacks, rootkits, trojan horses and other malware. Here are some ways to help you figure out which anti-virus software suite will work best for you.

- Determine if your Internet Service Provider offers a free download of security or anti-virus and/or anti-spyware products. You can visit their website and go to the "help" section or call their technical support line and they will walk you through the download and installation process. Software is not "automatically" downloaded. This is a myth. Rather, you must download, put in the license key and then finish installing, updating and tweaking in order for it to function properly and protect your machine. This takes the guesswork and expense out of choosing an anti-virus program.

- Determine which features you need and how you will use your computer. If you use for pleasure and do not have "high speed" Internet access, you do not need the most stealthy anti-virus nor do you need an entire security suite. If you are looking for business features, however, you will want offerings of a full suite such as anti-spyware, spam filter, anti-virus and firewall. There are even some with parental controls built in so you can activate them.

- If one anti-virus program tends to slow down your computer from what it was previously, uninstall and try a new software program.

- If money is a problem or you do not wish to invest anything in software, go to the link in this article and download AVG free edition.

- If you are unsure and do not wish to spend the money for a full version and software license, download a trial anti-virus version which covers you anywhere from 30 to 90 days. If at the end of the trial (or during) you find you wish to switch or do not like the performance, simply uninstall and reinstall a replacement anti-virus program.


Winston said...

Ever wondered who made the viruses?

According to folklore, its created by the makers of anti-virus programs just so the masses wouldn't uninstall and cancel their subscriptions to the anti-virus programs. So the cycle continues.

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Antivirus Software said...

Before buying any antivirus software familiarize yourself with the exact protection that the particular software offer. Because mostly of the anti-virus programs can provide additional protection above just viruses, such as Trojans, worms and spyware. You can seek some advice from other site.