Sunday, May 11, 2008

Peugeot Moovie - Concept Car

The Moovie concept car built by Peugeot has a length of just 2,3 metres (7.6 ft) and width and height of 1,5 metres (4.9 ft). Access is created by two large sliding doors placed in the centre of the hub-less side-wheels.

Each wheel is independently driven by an electric motor, allowing the Moovie to rotate on its own axis and squeeze into the tightest parking spots. To increase stability, the two side-wheels are tilted inwards under a ten degree angle. The front-end conceals two small additional wheels which only operate as safety supports. In the future it could be possible to make such a vehicle self-balancing using gyroscopes and balance sensors.

The bright, elegantly styled passenger compartment generates a feeling of well-being. The plunging front windscreen and generous polycarbonate glazed surface area ensure a high level of brightness in the passenger compartment whilst accentuating the sense of space.The lines are soft, in perfect harmony with the two yellow pigments used for the interior. The two-tone fascia panel with its smooth lines is mounted on a slightly curved central pillar. Free of all rough edges, it houses an instrument panel consisting of two tonneau-shaped counters and a single-spoke steering wheel. The two one-piece seats incorporate an on-board seat belt.

The vehicle also features numerous innovations. Its doors, which house the rear wheels, have a dual function.The first allows easy access to the passenger compartment, thanks to two swivel doors.The second reduces the energy consumption required to drive the Moovie, thanks to its large wheel dimensions. In addition, the Moovie is exceptionally agile under all circumstances and can be driven easily in restricted spaces thanks to the two spheres located at the front.

I think it’s a good idea, but not practical as any form of family or industrial vehicle. There’s no space to logically fit your shopping and etc. but it’s cool nevertheless. It is a truly futuristic design.

Source : Peugoet

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