Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day offers a chance to show the moms in your life that you appreciate what they do all year long. This year, show Mom that you think she's still cool by giving a gift that has some staying power. Sure, cakes and flowers are nice, but they don't last, and they don't have the "wow" factor of electronics.

Well, I think this iWaveCube Tiny Microwave is a cool gift for your moms. It is perfect for the spare room or mom's office if she's a microwave popcorn junkie or is always looking for a quick reheat on her coffee or tea. It's the world's smallest microwave oven, about one cubic foot in size. It is proved by its measures (10″ x 10.5″ x 12″) and its weight (12 lbs). The microwave has built-in carry handle, making the device portable. The most important thing is that the gadget still has all the electronic controls and safety features that are needed. It can be plugged into any standard outlet. The iWaveCube is available at SharperImage.com for a compact $129.95.

Source : The Sharper Image

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