Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Do It Yourself PC Maintenance, Repair & Networking Course for Dummies!

If you're in business, there's one hard fact! Your business needs computers to operate efficiently. The problem is although these are essential tools today, they can and do fail. You may have crashes from Viruses, Hard Disks Failures, User Errors or many of the various Hardware Failures.

When that happens, you must call in the expensive IT tech to correct or repair the problem. BUT WAIT! After talking to him on the phone you realize you have not setup your business network correctly, (you have NO verifiable backup). Now the problem just got worse and you now see that your business will be shut down temporarily because of computer problems. If that wasn't the only problem, your IT tech informs you that he can not get to your location until the next day!

How would you like to avoid all of this. Do you realize that when your network or computer system is down, you loose money not only from loss of business, but also from having to pay employees who can no longer do their job until the computer problem is resolved!

Bye Bye IT Guy is a 12 hour Audio/Video IT Computer Course on CD's in layman's terms that teaches you Troubleshooting, PC Repair, Network Setups and many more. Designed for the non-technical person! Bye Bye IT Guy is for a company with up to 20 PC’s or a company that has no on-site Certified IT staff (Computer Administrator). It is for any small business that would like to save thousands of dollars on IT services and repairs.

The Lessons on 8 CD's include;

* Maintenance, Organization & Cleanup

* Backup (How to & What)

* Viruses (Removal & Software)

* TCP/IP explained (includes troubleshooting)

* Printers; Local vs. Network (Includes setup & Print Servers)

* Workstation & Server Setup

* Internet/Intranet Routers Switches Hubs

* Sharing Files; Mapping Drives etc

Some of the modules would also work well for the single computer user as well as for the home user with a small network. Each module addresses a particular part of the computer or network, guiding the user through different phases of setup, repair and maintenance. For example, a home user could purchase the maintenance module to keep his/her home system running smooth and efficiently. Also, the virus module shows how to repair, clean and prevent future viruses. Remember - you can invest in only the modules you need or invest in the complete course.

This course is priced at a very affordable investment of only $24.99 for over 18 years of knowledge. This is not a MCSE Microsoft style course! It is designed for the average office manager, business owner or home user, the novice. This link (
Click Here) will direct you to the sales page if you want to make your investment for the complete course contains 8 CD's and over 12 hours of intense simplified training! I feel anyone who doesn’t take advantage of this offer is missing out on an enormous amount of information that could save you or your company thousands of dollars year after year. It's Your Virtual Tech Onsite!

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VH said...

Great information! I may actually purchase this guide. Thanks for putting this up.