Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Citizen Watch - Eco-Drive Technology

You can often find the word attached to every new Citizen Watch that comes on the market but by now it is just expected that consumers know the meaning of this buzzword. It's quite simple really, it is the title of Citizen's latest technology. These watches are a new high-tech range of solar powered timepieces.

Obviously, one of the most important advantages of this technology is that these watches should never need a replacement battery (unless there is a fault), allowing you get on with your everyday tasks without your watch starting to loose time.

These watches are of usual size and do not have any strange additions. Citizen have simply put a solar charging panel behind the dial, so any natural or artificial light puts a charge into a lithium-ion battery. This battery then keeps the watch running at all times - even when there is no source of light.

In the unlikely even that the watch becomes low on charge, the watch will compensate by keeping time in 2 second increments instead of 1 second increments. Normal function can be resumed by putting the watch in a source of light for a slightly extended period of time. Pretty cool huh?

Source : Citizen-Watch

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