Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cordless Propane Mosquito Trap

It’s hard to believe you and your family have had a wonderful time away from home whether it is having a picnic or going to the amusement park and then you get home and realize you are all covered in mosquito bites. Not only are they painful but they are very very irritating and nowadays they can even be dangerous to your health.

So here’s a gadget to keep those pests away. This is the only cordless device that uses CO2 (released from the tank to attract the pests which apparently think it is a human exhaling), octenol, and a battery powered thermoelectric module to virtually eradicate mosquitoes over an area up to one acre, eliminating the need to string an electrical cord across your property. The trap controls biting insects for up to three weeks with a standard 20 lb. propane tank, and it features lightweight, weatherproof PVC and plastic construction and large wheels for easy mobility. So now you can enjoy the great outdoors, but do remember to keep safe.

Source : Hammacher Schlemmer

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