Sunday, March 23, 2008

Scion Hako Coupe - Concept Car

Scion describes the styling of the Hako Coupe Concept as the combination of Japanese and American youth cultures. The concept was also inspired by the “iconic” xB and the emergence of American vintage style among Tokyo trendsetters. Scion’s Hako Coupe was developed by Tokyo Design Division, which studied global, youth-inspired trends.

Frankly speaking, I think it just looks weird. Nonetheless it is smaller and it sounds like Scion is seriously considering this thing for production as a new addition to the lineup. The interior is packed with all kinds of techno goodness such as video cameras and interfaces for iPods and other gadget. The gear shifter is a joytstick and there is a big engine start button on the steering wheel. The entertainment system is out of pimp-my-ride with two dash-mounted video screens with Bluetooth connectivity to upload music and videos.

Overall Length: 145.7
Overall Width: 68.1 without side mirrors
74.0 including side mirrors
Overall Height: 57.5
Wheelbase: 94.5
Ground clearance: 4.0
Wheels: 18-inch alloy wheels
Tire Size: 225/45 R18
Seating Capacity: 4

Source : Autoblog

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