Monday, February 25, 2008

Super High Speed Internet Satellite Launched in Japan

Japan has launched "Kizuna" a ground-breaking satellite in an attempt to enable Asian countries to access super high-speed Internet.

The "Kizuna," which also means "bond" in Japanese, is expected to begin transmitting and receiving data with terrestrial infrastructures in July after completing preparations and confirming the satellite's safety.

The "KIZUNA" is a communications satellite that enables super high-speed data communications of up to 1.2 Gbps to develop a society without any information availability disparity, in which everybody can equally enjoy high-speed communications wherever they live.

The 342 million dollar satellite ensures the world's fastest speed data communications and aims to serve as an educational or medical tool to reach people in remote or mountainous areas all over Asia.

I greatly look forward to the day when we can get super high speed internet access on any device from anywhere and for FREE.

Source : JAXA


exinco said...

nice, this will benefit all internet user in asia not to forget telecommunication company

Yoko said...

I hope so. :)