Monday, February 25, 2008

The Future of Football is Holographic?

What do you think football will be like in the future?

"The Orange Future of Football Report 2008" produced in conjunction with "The Future Laboratory" predicts revolutionary changes on matchday, both on the field and in stands, living rooms and bars all over the world.

Holographic pitches, interactive super-stadiums and fractional ownership of football clubs: all these might be part of how football will look in 2020 for the fan, as the introduction of technology changes the face of the game. As the fan becomes all the more demanding, engaged, knowledgeable and collaborative, clubs, players and stadiums are set to enhance their strategies to appeal to the 2 1st century spectator.

Watch out for the holographic fans, skin-healing strips, robotic linesmen, tv monitors at your match day seats and, rather strangely, stimulating fragrances pumped into the stands.

The year 2020 could see in-seat services, with monitors giving a choice of camera angles and replays, and seat dashboards with access to statistics and the ability to pre-order food, drink and merchandise.

According to Orange, new and emerging developments for fans include:

Holographic viewing
3D TV and computer-generated characters will be used to enrich the viewing experience.

Stadium living
Being able to live in and around football grounds – the ultimate display of team loyalty. Meanwhile, the ultimate stadium environment could have its own mirco-climate system, using cloud seeding to set off any heavy rainfall well before the game.

The interactive stadium
New technology will allow miniature monitors at every seat, the introduction of in-seat delivery services of food, drink or merchandise, and vibrating seats designed to get the crowd on its feet. And stand by for the scented stadium.

The mobile stadium
Those unable to make the game will be able to watch special versions on their mobile phones, then upload them to their PC or games console – and even join in the virtual action.

Fan ownership
More demand in how their clubs are run, with evidence already of clubs being taken over by schemes such as MyFootballClub, linking up with Blue Square Premier club Ebbsfleet United and the setting up of FC United when Manchester United was taken over by the Glazer family.

For the football fans, do you like the concept? I don't think so.

Source : Orange UK

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