Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nubrella - Hands Free Umbrella

Have you ever wished you had a Hands Free umbrella?

Nubrella is a new concept in weather protection. It is a hands-free version of the existing umbrella and it can be used in any extreme weather conditions. Yes, nubrella is the first true hands free umbrella in the world. For $59.99 you can look like a complete tool, but you’ll be protected from the elements like never before. It guarantees to protect your pretty face from wind, rain, ice, snow, badgers and more. Just push the button and pull the handle towards you and nubrella will simply “pop” open. With nubrella’s patent pending “shoulder supports” nubrella simply rests on your shoulders and can be held with one finger.

Details :

- New aerodynamic oval design - Tested up to 50mph
- State of the art clear Thermoplastic Polyurethane
- Lightweight and strong aluminum alloy ribs
- Extremely durable rip-stop waterproof nylon.
- Easy “pop” spring loaded opening and closing mechanism
- Weighs just 2.6 lbs
- Lightweight over the shoulder carrying case
- Adjustable shoulder straps

The Nubrella looks to me like it would be a bit useless, unless you're also wearing a raincoat, since any water diverted from your head and upper torso would just run down and soak the rest of your clothes but it can be used completely hands free! Even in significant winds.

Source : Nubrella


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