Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dreamflyer - Put Yourself in the Plilot's Seat

Flight simulation programs can feel a little earthbound when played at a desk, but a game chassis gets the whole body into the experience.

The Dreamflyer is a personal virtual-reality flight motion simulator designed to enhance the flight simulation experience. The pilot-lead and pilot-induced roll and pitch oscillation is interpreted by the brain to perceive the feeling of flight!

The basic Dreamflyer rig comes with a replica pilot seats in an aluminium frame. A modified Saitek X52 Flight Control system throttle and joystick(along with rudder paddles) are included, as is a bracket for a single monitor, the actual monitor and flight simulation software are not part of the package. One thing the Dreamflyer itself does not need is electricity to power its movement, as the flight motion is provided by gravity. The 3' x 6' footprint enables the Dreamflyer to easily fit into any room in the house; it can even be stored in a closet.

Source : Dreamflyer


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