Tuesday, February 19, 2008

iAno - Piano Applications for iPhone

Do you like to play piano? Got an iPhone? Well, now you can turn it into a musical instrument. Here's a nifty new application you can try out on your favorite Apple gadget, "Mister Aardvark virtual piano application" entitled 'iAno'.

The simulator offers a complete four-octave keyboard (you jump around the keyboard using the arrows at the top of the screen), with polyphonic sound allowing up to five keys to be played simultaneously. Its loaded with real piano samples, making it sound just like the real deal.

* A complete four octave keyboard.
* Sounds like a real piano with realistic piano multi-samples.
* Animated piano keys react to your touch.
* Play along to all your MP3s.
* Multi-touch. Up to 5 keys can be pressed at once allowing complex chords.
* On-screen keyboard navigation allows you to easily move up and down by octaves or "part octaves" (ie. left-most key is a C or an F).

And if that's not enough, the developer will shortly be adding new features, including a complete 88-key keyboard, switchable sample sets, recording and playback.Click here to view video.

Source : Mister Aadvark

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