Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chute - Bamboo Smartphone

Instead of the usual assortment of metal, glass and plastic, how would you like a smartphone made of bamboo? That's what you would get if the Chute smartphone went into production.

The Chute Smartphone is all about the natural, organic, and moody. It is a bamboo-faced smartphone, designed to give consumers a new experience from a cellular device. Chute conveys a more relaxed and natural feeling from an equally high-tech device.

The Chute is like any other ordinary Smartphone but the shell is designed out of bamboo, a high sustainable resource. Bamboo turns out to be stronger than plastic, which is an advantage to nature and it’s also lighter. It’s totally biodegradable and far more Earth friendly in its production than plastics and metals. It's just a concept right now, courtesy of Mike Laut, but does make a good amount of sense.

Source : Mike Laut | Yanko Design

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