Monday, December 22, 2014

Samsung Bend Tablet Concept

Wouldn't it is so cool if we can have a tablet which the screen can be bent into a stand or a virtual keyboard depending on the angle you're positioning it?

Today, Samsung tech designer has taken this "dream" into reality. By taken some inspiration from several iconic objects, the result is quite brilliant and is unlike what we have seen before.

Samsung Bend Tablet Concept

The Samsung Bend Tablet Concept is a flexible touchscreen tablet which has a flexible display and able to bend to an angle of 50 degrees.The heaviest parts are placed at the lower part of the body, in order to prevent this model from falling over accidentally. The slate can be used horizontally when it’s bended, so it makes typing easier.

Samsung Bend Tablet Concept

According to the designer Robrecht Vanhauwere, with Samsung Bend Tablet Concept, you can flex the device back to a slate and enjoy on screen content, with an edge to edge aspect when you're done typing. Not only that, you can also unfold the lower part of the flexible screen and use it as a transparent keyboard.

Samsung Bend Tablet Concept

Unfortunately the Samsung Bend Tablet is just a concept at this moment. Hope we will see the real product being produce  soon.


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