Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Express Scripts Dispute, Will You Show Your Support for Walgreens?

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If you're associate with the Walgreens and Express Scripts and  use Walgreens drugstore for prescription remedies ,I'm sure you might  involved in the Walgreens and Express Scripts changes. As of January 1st, 2012 Walgreens is no more a part of the Express Scripts drugstore company system.  This comes as quite a shock to Walgreens customers and to Express Scripts supporters too. This features all Walgreens drug stores across the country as well as Duane Reade drug stores in the New York CIty area. To see if you are influenced have a look at the back of your pharmaceutical drug greeting cards for an Express Scripts logo. If your greeting cards has Express Scripts outlined then you may be influenced. Still not sure, ask your regional Walgreens druggist to have a look at if it has made an impact on you.

Why has this happened?

As a intermediary between the drugstore and health programs and businesses, Express Scripts has determined they don't want to replenish their agreement with Walgreens that finished November 31, 2011, even as Walgreens offered to carry charges for a new agreement  are going smooth and did not search for a rise in charges during discussions. Express Scripts also rejected to settle an individual agreement for the advantage of the Tricare plan and it's receivers who are the army and services men and women. Tricare is one of Express Scripts customers and during discussions Walgreens offered a plan that would assurance Walgreens would go with or defeat the normal cost per altered pharmaceutical drug of all other drug stores in the Tricare system plan, plus in addition they offered to work with Express Scripts to keep the Tricare system plan individual from the Express Scripts professional enterprise. Walgreens did this as an extra attempt to keep the military personal from being influenced during these changes. What does that means? Express Scripts also dropped.

Express Scripts objective is to get the individual to use their catalog shopping drugstore instead of the customers own group or regional drugstore. This in turn can pressured your location or community drug stores in the area by taking away this enterprise. This is a terrifying and  undesirable, when these drug stores are a much needed services, especially when one is in need of a pharmaceutical drug right away either due to an crisis, during the night or  if the individual is not be able to get to the physicians office for a re-fill.

What does this mean for you:

Since many Walgreens drug stores have customers who have been people under the Express Scripts Plan and have been using Walgreens drug stores for years, many of these people are now having to go else-where to use their pharmaceutical drug in-network drugstore advantages. Which has involved many having to change drug stores or generate farther-away to obtain their prescription remedies from drug stores, some of which may not have practical hours, when Walgreens provides 24 time and drive-thru drugstore solutions.

Walgreens is allowing this move easier by providing a special lower price on their yearly associate of their Prescribed Cost savings Team. Everyone in your immediate household such as your household pets can advantage from this associate. Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens protects your partner, household 22 and youthful and even your household pets for $10 a season. Individuals can also be a part of for $5 a season.

This associate allows you and your household to get lower price costs and savings on more than 8,000 brand-name and commonly used remedies. Other advantages also involve special discounts on flu injections, pet prescription remedies, nebulizer and suffering from diabetes materials. Additional additional bonuses are also involved when you purchase Walgreens company products or use their photo-finishing solutions. For more information on the Walgreens Express Scripts contest or on the Walgreens Prescribed Cost savings Team be sure to press on the hyperlinks offered in this publish.

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