Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Biosphere Process Gasification Technology

The latest innovation in the realm of the sustainability industry was called the Biosphere Process Gasification Technology. Because of its unprecedented cleanliness and efficiency, the technologies is considered a breakthrough and has a potential to revolutionize the entire energy industry. It has combined the strengths of the contradicting green energy technologies and brown energy technologies and in the process has also effectively eliminated their weaknesses. Hence, it is considered the perfect energy source because it can suffice for mans voracious hunger for energy while at the same time producing pollutants way within the limit in which the planet can recover.

The Biosphere Process Gasification Technology offers the lowest amount of pollutants ever recorded by green energy technologies. This is made possible through the use of air tight containers when processing the feedstock. These oxygen limiters prevent the escape of green house or carbon gases into the atmosphere. The said emissions are the primary cause of global warming and climate change. The revolutionary technology therefore solves the problems in air pollution. It has the capability to lead the transition to clean energies and empower sustainability by preserving the planet longer thus ensuring ample resources for the next generation to utilize.

The Biosphere Process Gasification Technology boasts efficiency not even the most efficient brown energy technology possesses. This efficiency that has always been the missing link towards the progression of green energy sources has finally been found. The efficiency is made possible by the exercise of perfect control over the amount of oxygen permitted to get into contact with the feedstock. Thus, only the most optimal amount of oxygen is applied always. The optimal amount of oxygen results to the purest energy atoms that in turn can be converted into the most efficient form of electricity.

The Biosphere Process Gasification Technology also uses the most desirable form of feedstock which is solid waste. Waste is something no one wants and everybody wants to get rid of. With this new system the garbage can be turned into a solution to our waste problems. Two problems are therefore solved with one solution.

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