Friday, September 23, 2011

What Can Mobile Computing Do To Your Business?

by: Barbara Pauline

The wireless technology has brought in a new trend in computing, mobile computing. It is the cross between fixed wireless and mobility applications. In mobile computing, users have portable devices to enjoy its characteristics. Among these portable devices are handheld smart phones, pocket pcs, personal digital assistants or PDA, and of course, laptops. Using these handheld devices allow the people to continue accessing shared infrastructure irrespective of their location and having flexible communication.

In general sense, mobile computing is the use of any computer physically not connected by wires to the host computer or server. It is about interaction that requires now wires, but means real-time connection, plus synchronization procedure, depending on the application used. Simply put, this technology has put a new revolutionized ways on how people utilize computers and get connected with each other.

With the various innovative ideas provided in the information technology market, various solutions and innovations have also been coming out front in the mobile computing industry. Companies that have taken advantaged of the mobile computing platforms have been embracing changes and propelling themselves into the front market seat. While those who have refused to succumb were forced to be in the backseat.

Accordingly, the employers have benefited from the fast coming horizon of the technology. The innovative video and audio experiences it provided to every worker has spawned new opportunities and approaches how they can be more efficient, productive, and innovative with their work. The employers of course are gaining much more from this experience, enabling the growth of the business because of the mature and high-fashioned manner dealings with industry.

With all the advantages that mobile computing is providing, it is inevitable that there are disadvantages. While you are gaining success, with increase in employees' efficiency and productivity, there could be lawsuits and issues that could arise in the process. Because of the fast rising of the mobile computing, that every business has been adapting to it, there is an increase in liabilities as well.

How does this happen? In case many of you are not aware, there are new law cases that have been showing how employers can be liable when accidents happen while mobile technologies are used, in this case when driving, crossing streets, and not just paying attention because of occupancy to any mobile gadget. The bad news is it does not only cover work periods but even non-work hours.

The lawyers see a potential of getting good chunks from the new efficiency that mobile computing technology is providing to your business. While you are receiving incredible growth in productivity and efficiency statistics because of the implementation of such advanced technology, you are also welcoming the possibilities of severe litigations in the case of accidents.

You wouldn't want disasters to happen along with your business' success, so even though mobile computing technology is such a wonderful and incredible change in the business strategy, you might wish to be always up with all these law cases issues concerning the use of mobile handsets, portable gadgets and devices, before they can ruin your attempts of completely mobilizing your company's entire workforce.

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