Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Review On Acer Laptop Parts

A Review On Acer Laptop Partsby: Marion Alison

Laptops are becoming increasingly important in our daily life. Whether its on business or school, laptops help us to reach our goals with style. It is not only for entertainment but for improvement as well. Acer laptop parts offer us a wide variety of equipments to choose from. If the person is into business, it is highly recommended that he will use Acer Aspire 6930G. It has a Dolby Theatre Virtual Surround Sound and equipped with P7450 Core to Duo Processor.

It has a total of 4GB RAM and 320 GB HDD. It also has a DVD multi writer and 1 GB GEFORCE 9600 GT graphics. It is also good home laptops. It has a good processor, memory and connectivity that most businessmen really needs today to get on with their chosen field. It also has blue LEDs which makes it more attractive. Even though it has a short battery life that can lasts only for one hour, it is a laptop that gives the primary investment for the buyer's money.

The Acer 4530 laptop is also as good as the Acer Aspire 6930G. it has a processor called AMD Turion X2 that is extremely fast and reliable. It is combined with NVidia graphic card that provides the gamers an excellent effect. The hard disk space is 160 GB while the memory is 1 GB. The features of the laptop contain card reader, Bluetooth, wireless connection capability and shortcut button. The black color of the laptop gives it a more elegant look compared to other laptops in the market. It is a laptop that can be bought at a reasonable price but the performance is beyond excellence with the spectacular Acer laptop parts.

The Acer Aspire WLMI is also as good as the two laptops mentioned on top. It has a large screen with four USB ports. It also has an ATI 64MB graphics card. The memory is up to 60 GB in the hard drive. It also has a short battery life but buyers can purchase another battery if they want to. It also provides the users an option to upgrade the hard drive and the memory. Its RAM totals up to 512 MB. It is also commonly used by the gamers with its reliable 3.0 GHz Pentium and four available chips. Like any other laptops, it also has a built in wireless. It also provides a dual layer burning DVD. Even though it's a little heavy, users can rely on the Acer Aspire WLMI for great performance.

The Acer TravelMate 4001 LCI provides an excellent screen size and distinct motherboard shape. Even though the sound speakers are not much of a music friendly, it is still good when watching DVDs. It has a Centrino processor for a reliable spreadsheets, games and word processing. With the Acer Power management Software, the battery lasts longer. It also has an adjustment for the brightness of the screen.

With the reliable Acer laptop parts, users can experience a different kind of laptop. All Acer laptops have a great definition and assure the users of its fast improvement on making their laptops even more useful.


Derrick said...

You are right, and I'm well pleased with your article. I agree that laptop plays a big role in our lives, since it became an instrument to make everything possible when it comes to technology.

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