Saturday, July 30, 2011

Most Commonly Used Laptop Parts

Most Commonly Used Laptop PartsJust like any other digital computers, laptops contain the four basic elements: arithmetic and logic unit, memory unit, input-output unit and control unit. All of these are very important to the users because they hold the most commonly used laptop parts.

One of the various methods of entering information into the laptop is through its motherboard, graphics tablet and mouse. the keyboard consists of an array of keys arranged somewhat like that of a typewriter. It is one of the most commonly used laptop parts. People use the keyboard of laptops to encode reports and projects. Most laptop users use the mouse too which is a cable connected input device consisting of a palm-sized box with a button on top. It causes the movable pointer on the screen to choose from a list of items and commands. Most people use the mouse because they are uncomfortable using the touch pad. Meanwhile, the graphics tablet is an input device in which graphical information can be drawn on a flat surface. Almost every internal hard disk can store up to 6-20 GB. Compared to a desktop computer, laptops have less primary memory.

The primary memory is directly accessible to the laptop. Secondary memory refers to the external memory that is required for storing data that will not fit into the laptop's primary memory. The secondary memory device comprises of floppy disks, Zip disks, compact disks, DVDs and tapes. All laptops also have ports such as serial ports, parallel ports and Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports.

Laptops also have a disk drive which places and retrieves information from disks. The output device is the information that given out by the laptop. It is also one of the most commonly used laptop parts. There are also a various add-on memory devices that are available.

The laptop's battery is also very useful to the laptop users. It is better to use a laptop which has longer hours of capacity. They also have the sound cards and speakers in which users can play their music direct from the laptop or any add on memory device. The operating system of laptops varies from the brand. They can use Windows, Mac OS and Linus depending on the type of the laptop being purchased.

Researchers continuously seek new ways to build and make better laptop parts. Ease of use is the primary goal of the researchers. Aside from that, they are also concerned in reducing costs, increasing processing speeds and increasing capacities. Another area of experimentation is the organization of the most commonly used laptop parts. Most memory is organized so that a location is giving an address and contents are found by locating the address. Nowadays, businesses are employing the use of laptops.

The banking industry is the perfect example for this. Powerful and low cost laptops that are used in homes are made possible by the progress in technology. Laptops are basically the same with desktop computers; they can do word processing, spreadsheets, programming, data bases and multimedia presentations.

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