Friday, April 8, 2011

Volkswagen XL1 Concept

Volkswagen XL1 Concept

Volkswagen XL1 Concept wearing a capacity of 2-liter TDI engine, electric motor, lithium-ion battery pack and a dual-clutch transmission 7-speed to be able to travel a distance of 100 km only with 0.9 liters of fuel, or 260 miles per gallon. Volkswagen XL1 Concept is also equipped with plug-ins. With a system of plug-ins along with a low drag XL1 and the use of lightweight materials are widely provide the potential to make Volkswagen XL1 Concept is crowned as the world’s most efficient car. Highlighted by its sleek body shape, the XL1 registers a coefficient of drag figure of just 0.186. The XL1 has an overall length of 156.3 inches and, at 46.6 inches tall, is comparable in height to the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

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