Thursday, November 11, 2010

MyTies: Free Social Networking App for iPhone!

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Applications are becoming just as important to business owners as desktop computers were 30 years ago. One of the most popular phones is the iPhone and there are now hundreds of thousands of apps have been downloaded from the App Store, representing 1 billion total downloads. It is no wonder there are so many different kinds of wonderful apps which have been created for the platform. The different apps allow you to get different things done depending on what you are looking to do with them and what the apps are designed for.

If you are the iPhone user, I really recommend you to download a free app called MyTies.com. It is a private, social networking app for the iPhone which allows you to share personal pictures, videos and where you are located.Security is not an issue here because everything is private. Only the people who follow you will be able to see your updates. So, this could be ideal for co-workers, families and friends.  Everything you share will be tagged with your location so your connections can connect where you were at the time you shot that photo or video. One of the reasons I like most about MyTies is that it doesn't connect to third-party networks or gaming applications, such as FarmVille or etc.

How does MyTies work?

- Download the app by visiting www.myties.com.
- Register your phone number, which becomes your User ID.
- Create a group or accept an invitation into a group.
- Start posting photos, videos, comments and more, privately to your groups.
- Invite friends, family and colleagues to join MyTies.

If you want to give this app a shot never hesitate to use this promo code “myprivacy” which will give you 20 more ‘Invites’ within the app.

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