Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bloodhound - The World’s Fastest Car!

Bloodhound - Supersonic Car
Wow. This car is really fast! Powered by a Eurofighter jet engine, part-built by Rolls-Royce at its Patchway plant, the faster-than-sound car will attempt to reach speeds of more than 1,000mph to break the world land speed record. Bloodhound is the name given and this supersonic car being developed by engineers in Bristol has been unveiled at the show, giving the public their first chance to see the sleek shape of the 12.8m (42ft) long vehicle. Bloodhound project director Richard Noble says the idea was born out of concern that most of Britain’s mathematicians and scientists were between 40 and 60 years old. Check out video below.

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bobby said...

supersonic car? wow..that's amazing!! Better Bloodhound stays away from roads, as with the the increasing traffic these days its hardly possible to test its speed. It best suits racing tracks than roads.