Monday, May 24, 2010

Robot Vacuum.. Transform!

Transformer VacuumIf your maid or even yourself still using a normal vacuum to clean up your home, I want you to spend a minutes to give some attention to this cool stuff. The all in one robot cleaner is a concept by In-oh Yoo and Sun-woong Oh for Metatrend Institute. Basically it is a two vacuums in one and the unique part about it, there's a robotic vacuum attached to the main vacuum which can slide down from the main vacuum and move around cleaning the hard to reach areas in your home and when it's full of trash, it will return to the main vacuum to empty those trash into the vacuum's disposal bag. It seem like a transformer robot which can be operate as regular vacuum cleaner or transform to a robot. Oh, even when nobody is at home, the robotic vacuum cleaner moves around randomly to clean your home. Pretty cool huh?

Trasformer Vacuum


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Woah!! Awesome!! I bet I could let my brother clean up the house with this. He'd surely be fascinated. :D