Saturday, March 13, 2010

Free PDF Converter - Choose It Wisely

Have you in a situation where you need to choose a free PDF converter and you're stuck to pick the best one? If yes, read on,and I think you will love this tips that I found.

PDF or Protocol Document Format is a widely used file format for both personal and business communication. Its popularity is due to this type of file’s versatility. You can convert your documents and images into PDF files using free PDF conversion programs available on the web. An expensive PDF converter is unnecessary. There are a number of free software titles to choose from that can be easily downloaded from online sources. When choosing a free PDF converter for your documents and images, consider the following tips.

1. Output quality. The quality of the converted file is the main factor in choosing a free PDF converter. Some converters cannot preserve the original content and layout of the files. Overlapped text as well as watermarks or unusual text boxes sometimes appear in the converted file. Choose a PDF converter that can keep your columns and tables where they are. Text and graphics should be preserved upon conversion. If the document contains hyperlinks, once converted, these hyperlinks should still work.

2. Conversion speed. Some free PDF converters require you to upload your file or send it via email like Zamzar and Koolwire. Then, you wait for the converted file to be returned to you. Some converters take quite some time before returning the converted file to you especially if the original file is a large one. Explore the option of downloading and installing a free PDF converter to your desktop. This way, you don’t have to wait for an email before you get your converted file. Topshareware.com has a variety of suggested free PDF converters ready for download.

3. Support for different formats. Look for a free PDF converter that can convert different file formats you normally use (for example, .doc, .html, and .rtf). If you work with encrypted or password protected PDF files, make sure you look for a converter that can support this as well.

4. User friendly interface. Most free PDF converters are easy to use and straightforward. But just in case you find one that is giving you a headache, skip it and try other options.

5. Partial and batch conversion. Flexibility can be another factor in choosing a free PDF converter. If you need to perform a batch conversion of hundreds of PDF files, choose a converter that can handle your requirements.

6. System requirements. If you plan to download a free PDF converter, make sure your computer can handle the system requirements of the software. Your computer’s operating system will also dictate which free converter you can use.

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