Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Skype Password - How To Change It?

I'm sure you know what Skype is and for this post I want to share with you how to change Skype password. Here are the steps you need to do to change your Skype password.

Step 1
Open the application Skype on your computer. Click on Skype's desktop shortcut twice to launch it on your computer. Now, if you have not set a desktop shortcut, then go to Start first and click on it. From the Start menu, direct the cursor to All Programs. A cascading menu should pop up after which you will need to look for the entry Skype and click on it.

Access your Skype account by logging in. Access your Skype account after opening the program. Simply key in your Skype name into the designated text field. After that, key in your password and click on the Sign in button.

Access the Skype program that allows changing of passwords. Once online, click on the first tab labeled Skype found at the top left corner of the window. From the list that pops up, highlight and select the option Change Password by clicking on it once. Doing so should pull up the Skype - Change password dialog box on your computer screen.

Step 4
Think up of a new password for your Skype account. Come up with a password that you will easily remember but will be hard for others to crack. Once settled on a new password, then perform step 5.

Step 5
Start the process of changing your Skype password. From the Skype - Change password dialog box, first key in your current password into the allotted text field. Click on the next empty text field labeled Enter new password or press Tab on your computer keyboard to get to this field. Type in the new password you have come up with. Click on the next empty text field or press Tab once more on your keyboard to get to the last field labeled Re-enter new password. Just type in the new password you have thought of one more time in this filed. Once done, simply click on the button Apply.

Credits to Zenaida Gutierrez

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