Thursday, December 24, 2009

Patch Management Software

by : Erik

The widely publicized attacks and vulnerabilities to software system have lead to the development of patch management. It discovers and defenses your system against vulnerabilities. Many organizations with pro-active security patch management in place are not affected by these attacks, as they get the information in advance of the attack.

Patch management software allows you to scan, detect, assess, and remediate any security vulnerability on your network. The software identifies the threat and provides you with tools to remediate vulnerabilities and install missing patches. Patch management software determines footprints, perform vulnerability analysis and reports, and define domain, machine and location inventories. The advantages of patch management are – documentation, defines domain, establishment and link speed between locations. Patch management software has become one of the fastest growing segments of software market, as they are designed specifically to test and deploy fixes for software defects and alter any security vulnerabilities. Patch management tools don’t just automate rolling out patches but help to prevent many problems. Sachs Consulting offers patch management solution that is cost effective and reliable.

Depending on the number of systems in an organization and the seriousness of their operation, the workflow elements of a patch management tool becomes important due to its ability to deliver the patches. The first part of the patch management process is to determine the vulnerable system. Next step is to make sure that the patches will work and they won’t break other software. Finally the patches come out of the machine. Patch management tools also ensure that the new systems on the network, such as mobile users connecting from a laptop, are quickly brought up to proper patch level. And if a patch turns out to cause more problems then the vulnerability it fixes, patch management tools help to remove or roll back the offending fix. However, the first line of defense for the average network agency is still well enforced user policies and standardized system. Patch management can at least help system administrators to keep focus on those while taking the grunt work of patch management off their hands.

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