Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card - Say Goodbye To Cables!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Eye-Fi. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today, many people can be noticed sharing a common interest of capturing the cherished moments of their lives. Either on the social network sites like Face book or photo sharing sites like Flickr. Its human nature to socialize and one always wishes to stay in touch with his loved ones. Everybody wants to share the beautiful memories or incidents of their lives with friends and family members.

Recently when I want to upload my photos, something bad happens. I can't upload my photos with my USB cable and because of my carelessness the cable had broken. For me, it sucks when you want to share and promise something with someone but you can't deliver it. The solutions, I have to buy a new USB cable for my digital camera and before buying a new cable I need to search it on the Net for the price.

Today when I search the Net, I found an interesting gadget that makes my eyes pop. Eye-Fi is the name given to this cool gadget. Actually it is a wireless SD memory card for your camera that uses Wi-Fi technology to automatically upload your photos to Webshots. On the simple words, it transforms your digital camera into an instant wireless uploading system. To put it simply, it lets you say good-bye to cables and long upload waits, and hello to getting your photos up on Webshots faster and timelier. This is what I need!
It will work with any digital camera that has the SD slot. The Eye-Fi automatically backs up and organizes your photos and videos on your computer in date-based folders. Not only that, it can also upload your photos directly to over 25 online photo sharing websites and it takes care of re-sizing, too. All you need is a Secure Digital High Capacity(SDHC) capable camera and a wireless router. I think the best part about the Eye-Fi card, though, is how easy it is to use as you can watch from the video below. Hey Santa, send me one on Christmas morning ok!

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