Thursday, September 10, 2009

Polaris - Mobile Phone Meets Robot

Another unique phone concept from KDDI and Flower Robotics called "Polaris" that you should explore. The Polaris is a phone which can monitors the user's daily activities and an artificially intelligent robot sphere that charges the handset and displays data on the user's TV. According to Flower Robotics:
The Polaris system — which was unveiled in Tokyo recently is designed to learn the user's lifestyle by collecting data, analyzing activity, and identifying trends. The robot keeps a database of information accumulated through the handset, such as the user's daily travel and walking habits, calls and email messages sent and received, and online transactions. Using this data, Polaris learns to predict the user's behavior and offer relevant advice and information.
Still in the concept phase, it needs a number of improvements to prepared for the real world. So what do you think about it? Should they put this phone into production?

Source : CrunchGear

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