Sunday, August 30, 2009

MINI Coupe Concept

This is the new MINI Coupe Concept, powered by 1.6L twin-scroll turbocharged unit from BMW to celebrate the MINI's 50th birthday. It is a two-seater that Mini says shows the brand is moving “beyond the restraints of urban mobility, opening up additional options and winning over new target groups.” Maximum output is 155 kW/211 hp, peak torque 260 Newton-metres/192 lb-ft increasing through the Overboost function for a short while to an even more substantial 280 Newton-metres/206 lb-ft.
Other styling details include massive wheels, a sporty rear bumper, and dual center-mounted exhaust pipes.

Source : AutoBlog | Wired


Nikhil said...

mark my words this new concept is going to make history....whn will its production start??

Yoko said...

@Nikhil - end of this year if I'm not mistaken. Amazing car right? Thanks for your comment buddy. :)

A father said...

Looks good. Been a Mini fan for quite some time and looking forward to buying one in the near future for my wife (and I also can get to drive it occasionally).