Friday, July 17, 2009

My Webspy Software

My WebSpy is your powerful web monitoring spy. Just tell My WebSpy what web pages you want it to monitor and how often you want them to be checked for changes/updates. My WebSpy will keep an eye on the web for you and alert you whenever any web page or blog is changed/updated. It will auto-check all your favorite web pages and blogs 24x7.

My WebSpy will even show you exactly what"s new or what content has been changed on the web pages by highlighting it! There are so many things this "Spy" can help you do, other than save you tons of hours. Now you can always "be the first to know". Never miss an important update again.

My Webspy Software from http://www.bubdee.com/

Buy this product: My Webspy Software for $8.99

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