Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Honda Fuzo - Futuristic Flying Car

This futuristic car by Honda called "Fuzo" is vertical takeoff and landing car concept. It has four high powered wind turbines for fast speed and horizontal flight. It has two joystick controls for speed, thrust and steering. As it takes to the air, the wheels on the car retract, and the four turbines move into action, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 400 mph. The three-seat concept is kept lightweight by the use of materials like carbon fiber, Kevlar and carbon nanotubes. It has two safety systems to keep it safe from any damage or accident. One, Fly-by-Wire system that functions via GPS and keeps cars from hitting each other. Two, Airbags that open inside and outside to protect the driver, the car and any person in front of the car in an air collision.

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Nightfall said...

nice car.. I like to have one of those..

clay said...

i would love to have one but if the wheeles are the turbines what does it land on?

Anonymous said...

if u r not on the ground wont it be like driving on ice all the time?