Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Be an Ethical Hacker!

I think hacking is the most exhilarating game on the planet. I mean hacking as a healthy recreation, and as a free education that can qualify you to get a high paying job. In fact, many of network system administrators, computer scientists and IT Security expert first learned their professions, not in some college program, but from the hacker culture. And you may be surprised to discover that ultimately the Internet is safeguarded not by law enforcement agencies, not by giant corporation, but by a worldwide network of, yes, hackers.

As far as I know, there is a "white hat" and "black hat" hackers. A white hat is someone who is intensely curious about computers, computer network and how things work and fit together. A black hat, by contrast, is interested in destruction, mischief and mayhem. If you want to learn how to poke around and figure out through experimentation how things work, however, that's cool.

So, are you interested to become a good hacker? Do you know that there is a courses on Ethical Hacking that teach you how to be a hacker and you can use those skills to help others and your companies? The courses are from a professional organization called EC-Council and they run them on the fundamentals of security, Ethical Hacking, penetration testing, and secure programming. And it's not just prevention, they cover disaster recovery for after the worst has happened and computer forensics to find out what happened. Feel free to check them out and I really recommend it to you because this is where you should learn on how to become an ethical hacker. Keep in your mind, be a Certified Ethical Hacker not as someone who just destroy or steal personal or business data.


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