Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now You Can Learn Mandarin and English with 2-in-1 Language Learning + MP3 Pen

Hey do you want to learn Mandarin? If yes you must see this awesome pen from Brando that might help you. This pen not only functions as a pen, but is also a USB flash drive and MP3 player. The 2-in-1 Language Learning + MP3 Pen is a language learning system designed for people who want to learn speaking English and Mandarin. The language learning material comes with 1,217 words and sentences in both English and Mandarin, where touching the pen on a word or sentence on a page will let you hear the corresponding pronounciation in a loud and clear manner. Most of these words consist of commonly used phrases and words that are a staple in one's social life. It is available for USD99 including shipping.

Source : Brando

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