Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finger Touching - The Wearable Mobile Device

Designed by Sunman Kwon, this is The Finger Touch concept phone, and as you can see it has a Samsung logo on it. A very unique concept of all the phone concepts I've seen. The keypad is projected from the round part of the actual device onto your hand, while your fingers act as the keypad.

Description from the designer,

"A wearable mobile device for enhanced chatting. It introduces a new wearable device that anyone can communicate with that is easier and lighter in mobile circumstances corresponding to the 3.5G, 4G communication standard. Human hand is the most basic communication method. For easier and simpler controls, it uses the instinctive input method “finger joint”. Excluding the thumb, each finger joint makes up twelve buttons, with “the knuckle button”, using the cell phone's 3X4 keypad, likely being the most popular input method".

Source : TrendHunter


a.i. editor said...

hmmm..interesting..I hope it is water proof too.

Leon said...

Cool technology. Must cost quite a bundle though.