Thursday, October 2, 2008

Turns Air Into Water

How about pulling water from another source rather than under ground. I'm talking about the air! Element Four has developed the Watermill to address the issues of energy use for creating water, and has implemented a technology that takes the guessing out of just how much water can be made. It is a combination dehumidifier and water purifier. Water is absorbed through an air filter and then passes over a cooling element. The cooling process condenses the water into droplets, which are then filtered and sterilized via ultraviolet light. At this piont, the clean water can be routed into your home, to the fridge, a spigot, or even just a water cooler. The WaterMill attaches to the outside of your home and is capable of producing 13 quarts of water per day. The water is essentially distilled, but a filter can be added to restore organic minerals if the user wishes.

Source : Geekologie

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